In the 1990’s, our co-founders Jeff Shell and Billy McElroy met while working for a nationally ranked top contractor in Atlanta.  As the decades progressed, the two became well-established in their careers. Jeff progressed on the project management side of the business, and Billy rose through the ranks of field operations.  Then in 2014, the two reunited to talk about the future and daydream about the possibility of Building a New Legacy. Ready to converge the old way of doing business, by building meaningful relationships, with the new way of construction, by integrating modern technology and construction techniques, Shell McElroy Construction was born.


Though some days it seems surreal for Jeff and Billy to see their names on jobsite signage and trucks, at Shell McElroy, we are taught to take great pride in what we do.  Our servant-mindset has led us to establish relationships that last. Those relationships have allowed us to serve a broad spectrum of markets. Hospitality, office, student housing/multi-family, historic restoration/adaptive re-use, tenant/renovation, mixed-use retail, industrial, and municipal projects are no strangers to us.  We aim to do a great job on every project we undertake, which means maintaining our commitments and being disciplined when it comes to growth. To that end, we have spent time identifying and recruiting people who complement our strengths and add to our depth of knowledge.  Our thoughtful approach has proven to be a sound investment, allowing us to work lean, maximize the value of the owner’s investment, build with integrity, run safe projects, and deliver as promised on each project.


With deep roots in the Southeast and a skilled team of builders, our Shell McElroy team is well-suited for any project.  A true construction partner, we are deeply invested in creating a positive experience, as our reputation depends on it.



At Shell McElroy, experience tells us that successful teams build successful projects.  We are eager to partner with the best in the industry to deliver maximum results.  Shell McElroy, while setting the tone of the project with our leadership, understands the value of the trade expertise. We believe in being a good General Contractor who concentrates on the project level first, and we welcome partners who are equally focused on running safe and innovative projects. Through collaboration, transparency, and integrity, our firm fosters an atmosphere of trust and respect. Our reputation depends on our ability to follow through on our word by doing what we say and saying what we mean.


We understand that it’s people who build buildings. That’s why Shell McElroy hires the best and the brightest in the industry, because we know that attracting top talent creates a trusting, efficient, and ethical work environment. Whatever the stage in your career, we provide personal and professional growth opportunities. Members of our highly experienced team are regular mentors and teachers, upholding our firm’s culture of honesty, integrity, and fairness. By concentrating on being “good people who are good builders,” we are able to keep an open-door policy and provide access to company leadership positions. At Shell McElroy, we believe it’s essential to have fun at work and preserve a good home and work life balance.