Brian Baker

Growing up around the family business, Brian Baker professes that he wanted to do anything but consider a career in construction. Personable, creative, and even somewhat artsy, he found himself more inspired by architectural design and engineering, unlike the many of the field guys he knew. Fast-forward twenty years, however, and today, Brian has leaned on those unique interests to build quite a career.

Serving as a Superintendent at Shell McElroy since early in the firm’s inception, Brian relies on his smarts to help solve challenges on projects like 200 Edgewood Avenue, Ritz Carlton Renovation, and the renovation of the Crowne Plaza Ravinia. Complex in nature, these projects require field leadership to plan weeks in advance of crews, which was necessary to keep momentum in the field. This close collaboration with architects and engineers comes easy for Brian, who has a great appreciation for their work. Intently studying drawings and asking the right questions, he works with the design team to interpret their ideas, identify challenges (or “show stoppers” as he calls them), and propose solutions agreeable to all parties. Working in partnership helps our Shell McElroy team forecast, pre-task plan, and focus teams in the right manner to achieve that common goal of “speed to market.”

His respect for other’s work transcends the design team. He finds great pride in developing people, especially the next generation of young leaders within Shell McElroy, and hopes to focus more on this in the future. Pointing to the many people who have helped mold him into the leader that he is today, Brian reminds all of us that being a superintendent is about so much more than building a building. It is more about the quality of the relationships you develop along the way.

Connect with Brian on LinkedIn and learn more about his portfolio in renovation, higher-education, hospitality, high-rise and multi-family residential, and municipal work.

Superintendent, Brian Baker, leans on his unique interests to solve project challenges.