Richie Webb

Richie Webb is always up for a challenge. Starting as a field engineer, and working his way up to Superintendent, his passion for construction continues to grow with each opportunity and challenge he faces. With over 17 years of experience, Richie has developed an internal stethoscope to keep a pulse on any project at hand. Naturally a people-person, Richie was drawn to Shell McElroy’s culture of community.

As superintendent, managing people is his number one responsibility with safety as his top priority. He has the foresight to catch problems before they arise and excels in sequencing and scheduling on any project he is a part of. Always searching for an opportunity to grow, his favorite project he has worked on thus far was the HD Supply Office Building. Positioned on a steep hill, this unique site created project challenges for him and his team to overcome which, in turn, made the pay-off worthwhile in the finished product.

Visually seeing the results of his labor continuously inspires Richie to start on the next project. Rather than feeling overwhelmed by a blank canvas, Richie seeks it out. Once he finishes one project, he immediately looks forward to starting something new from the ground up. He is excited about his future with Shell McElroy, knowing that he will have endless opportunities to overcome challenges, learn, and grow.