Terrance Richardson

Terrance’s passion for construction came at a young age. As a teenager, he worked as a landscaper with his father and as a mason for his family’s masonry business. Due to his inquisitive nature, Terrance was always after the answers to “how is it built?” and “how does it work?” This natural curiosity led him to pursue a career in construction management.

Terrance earned a degree in Construction Science from Mississippi State University and from then on has served as project manager for a variety of construction projects, including multifamily, hospitality, and commercial development. Throughout his 10 years of experience, his most memorable project is helping build the One Hudson Yards in Manhattan, the first residential building of the Hudson Yards development.

Terrance’s ability to produce exemplary work stems from his philosophy behind construction. He doesn’t think of it as a job but more as an art form rooted in collaboration. With a deep appreciation for the significance of structures and the roles they play in people’s lives, he continues to deepen his knowledge and understanding of the constructability and most efficient means and methods to build them. This perspective and desire to improve led Terrance to Shell McElroy.

As Senior Project Manager, Terrance manages the schedule, budget, design, constructability, and above all, people. With passion and personability, Terrance has a way of bringing people from diverse backgrounds and vocations together to achieve one collective goal. As he continues with Shell McElroy, Terrance is looking forward to growing, gaining more experience, building more relationships, learning new markets, and developing a deeper understanding of the myriad of design and construction services.