Billy McElroy

Senior VIce President

Billy McElroy once imagined being a teacher, or a football coach, but never dreamed of a career in construction. Now he’s a 32-year veteran who’s both a gifted mentor and brilliant tactician in the field. As a general superintendent, he’s safely delivered landmark projects across the Southeast, deftly confronting the complex geometries, intricate logistics and staging, razor schedules and vast people politics in play. In every situation, he finds the time to mentor and train his people, and not just in the dynamics of the job.

“Teaching people to work smart, work safe, and look out for each other is only half the challenge,” he says. “We want to grow a culture where doing the right thing is ingrained, even when it’s the hard thing,” he says. “There’s what’s written, and then there’s how you live it.”

McElroy, who stays involved in industry education and college recruitment efforts through CEFGA, the Auburn Industry Advisory Council, and other top schools, says Shell McElroy intends to find and hire the best young talent, and build from within. He’s practicing the same detailed coordination he always has, only now “I’m not just casting concrete, lifting steel, and coordinating subcontractors,” he says,” I’m building a company.”