We Take Your Business Very Personally

The construction business has changed,
but some things never will.

At Shell McElroy, we take your business very personally.

After working for decades with some of the largest construction brands in the Southeast, we have spent the past eight years building a different kind of construction company.

Our #1 priority is to make sure we always have your back. The only way we know how to do that is to stay involved in your project from beginning to end.

With all the uncertainties in construction today, you can’t afford to be a transaction, and neither can we.

We work with clients who value the peace of mind knowing their projects have our full attention.

Workers for a construction company serving Atlanta, GA
Shell McElroy team in the conference room


Translating Experience to Solutions

Any builder or developer knows that in most cases your typical student housing project warrants woodframe construction. However, with 200 Edgewood, a student housing project adjacent to Georgia State University and located in the heart of the Martin Luther King historical district, it became evident that having a seasoned builder on board would change the outcome of the project.