At Shell McElroy, we understand it takes great people to build great buildings – that’s why we have taken their time and surrounded ourselves with the best in the industry. Many of our leaders have dedicated their lives to the construction industry, so it’s safe to say we’ve seen it all. With experience covering a wide range of markets, our people have a wealth of knowledge to share. Some of it is captured here in our profiles and articles, and yet, much of it remains unwritten.  If there are challenges that you face on a project or things you desire to know, we encourage you to call upon us as a resource.

With an experienced eye and the ability to foresee potential issues, we help our clients allocate their dollars wisely during preconstruction and navigate the ever-changing world of construction to create a sound investment. Our culture of honesty, integrity, and fairness helps us nurture long-standing relationships in the marketplace, knowing that each project is helping us Build a New Legacy across the Southeast.





Richie Webb

Richie Webb is always up for a challenge. Starting as a field engineer, and working his way up to Superintendent, his passion for construction continues to grow with each opportunity and challenge he faces. With over 17 years of experience, Richie has developed an internal stethoscope to keep a pulse on any project at hand.…

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Brian Baker

Growing up around the family business, Brian Baker professes that he wanted to do anything but consider a career in construction. Personable, creative, and even somewhat artsy, he found himself more inspired by architectural design and engineering, unlike the many of the field guys he knew. Fast-forward twenty years, however, and today, Brian has leaned…

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Bobby Redmon

Not your average superintendent, Bobby Redmon takes his role as a community leader as seriously as he takes his job as superintendent, serving as Councilman of Ward 4 of the City of Commerce.  Bobby retired from the Commerce Fire Department in 2015 after 27 total years of service, 22 of those being on Commerce. His…

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