Overlook Challenging Renovations

With complex renovations, we have learned to expect the unexpected. At Shell McElroy Construction, we worked to help Overlook III transform portions of the former Vinings Club into leasable space. This work consisted of the removal of an existing three (3) level stucco wall to replace with a curtain wall system, which had to seamlessly tie into the existing system.

Adding to the complexities of the renovation were two major challenges: the work areas and the weather.  Work was performed on an elevated, existing building that was never intended to accommodate major construction activities.  Access was a challenge from the beginning. Due to the steep inclines of the property, demolition and new construction equipment and materials had to be moved individually.  This was often performed by hand and required careful planning to ensure the work is performed efficiently and safely.  As a further complication, the delivery and staging area was located in the building’s service entrance, which also housed a public swim academy.  Coordinating office deliveries, swim families, and work activity in one space required a great deal of focus and project supervision.

Predicting the weather is like predicting the future. Though we always knew the weather would be a factor, it was difficult to forecast impact to the project. Work was scheduled for late fall/early winter when the scale of the existing building skin was to be removed.  Building systems located within the exposed area, such as fire protection and plumbing lines, were never intended to be exposed to the elements.  All work had to be coordinated and performed with careful consideration of each day’s weather forecast.  We invested substantial amounts of time and effort to ensure the protection of existing systems and finishes.

Renovation work requires the consideration of many factors to ensure a successful project. By remaining flexible to unexpected circumstances, we were able to complete the renovations timely and with minimal disruption to the existing operations.